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No more deflation and no more defeat!

It’s time to stop the yo-yo dieting and hitting a brick wall when it comes to achieving your goals and losing those extra pounds. We’re going to help you achieve just that in 8 weeks! TRANSFORM IN 8 isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change to help you sustain what you’d love to see in the mirror.

How does it work?

We provide you with a plan that you can do in your own time and from wherever suits you. We’re going to be providing nutritional targets and advice, as well as workouts that you can do live with us or on demand.

There’s no cutting out the foods you enjoy, there’s no super long workouts you’re going to struggle to fit in to your busy schedule and there’s definitely leaving you to your own devices. We’re a TRANSFORM IN 8 family and we’re here to support you throughout.

When does it start?

We all start together, we all finish together. We’re a unit and a family. The next start date for the next TRANSFORM IN 8 is Monday 27th September 2021. Spaces are limited so you have to be quick.

If you miss the boat on this intake, don’t worry because there will be another starting straight after.

Whats included?

Nutrition Coaching

There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. There are no banned foods or restrictions. We want you to enjoy your meals and snacks, not have to undergo a strict and restrictive diet or dread each each meal time. Every part of our Nutrition Coaching is unique to you. It’s flexible, achievable and has to be enjoyable.

Unlimited Workouts

As part of our Transform in 8 Programme, you have access to reBound Fit and HIIT classes. The number of sessions are unlimited, with both live and on demand available. reBound Fit and HIIT have been proven to burn calories, increase metabolism and can be tailored for all abilities. We have over 200 classes to choose from and often have one-off personal challenges to keep things interesting. If neither of these suit you, don’t worry because we can put together some other ideas for you when it comes to exercise.

Weekly Check-Ins

As part of our weekly check-ins, we’ll ask you to share different types of measurements depending on your specific goals. Measurements can include weight, body measurements, fitness and strength testing or general well-being.

24/7 Support

We want you to know that throughout your journey, you’re never alone. Whatever time of day it is, you can get in touch. Ask us a question, share your queries or vent if need to. You don’t need to worry or to feel unsupported in any way. We’re here for you.

We Care About You

What are your likes and dislikes? What date’s your birthday? Have you got a pet, if so what’s her/his name? How many children do you have? What do you do for a living?

We’re a family at JDK Fitness and we want you to be part of it. We’ll always be here to listen, no matter what’s going on in your life. It means a lot to us to be part of your journey and we want you to feel supported in every way.

We’re passionate about you reaching your goals

We’re Jess and Jason and we have over 31 years in the industry collectively. We’re both really passionate about helping everyone hit their goals and starting to love what they see in the mirror. You have to be happy in yourself, confident and feeling amazing. This is what we love to help with.

Jason specialises in fat-loss, muscle building and bespoke nutrition. He loves HIIT training and lifestyle coaching.

Jess loves pre and post natal exercise, teaching group exercise classes (she’s reBound Fit and HIIT MAD) and weight-loss. Think it’s safe to say she likes to making working out fun!


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Lose Weight | Hit Goals | Feel Great

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